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Pertinent Questions

Selected Characters

What is a Family?

Decomposing with Dignity

Utopian Extremophilia

A Rune Reading

A Nondescript Stocking

Mr. Fiddlesticks Florence

Could you dispel my theological doubts? (Blueballing)

Secret Neighbourhoods

Recent Patents

The Bold Oyster Game

First, tea


Let’s All Drink Blood Together

Notes Towards an Endemic Critique

What Are You Doing Here?

A Surrealist Epistemological Psychosis

Ladyboy Portents

Here Comes The Cactus

The Bug Conspiracy

My Haunting

Thunder Part 1 – The Origins of Thunder

Thunder Part 2 – The Necrosis of Thunder


Group Portraits, Samhain 2018

A Vernissage Avoided

Found Objects

Their great city

Shadowman and Shadowchild

The Love of a Rat

Good Sport, 1858

The Half-Blind Pacemaker

Long-Distance Self-Portraits

Where Lurks The Chimera!


International Festival of Arthurs

Fascinating Communciation