Scrying Mirror

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Long time no see

Decadian Full-Moon Game

Cave painting

Res gestae

A Rosicrucian Political Cartoon

What’s on the other side of the forest?

Pertinent Questions

Selected Characters

What is a Family?

Decomposing with Dignity

Utopian Extremophilia

A Rune Reading

A Nondescript Stocking

Mr. Fiddlesticks Florence

Could you dispel my theological doubts? (Blueballing)

Secret Neighbourhoods

Recent Patents

The Bold Oyster Game

First, tea


A Spark in Search of a Powder Keg

A Disinvitation

No More Fattening Frogs for Snakes

Let’s All Drink Blood Together

The Ventriloquists Have No Voice

Theoretical Texts

Theory on a Spectrum of Voice Hearing

Notes Towards an Endemic Critique

What Are You Doing Here?

A Surrealist Epistemological Psychosis

Poetic Texts

Anaerobic Poems – M Forshage

The Painter

On time-travel, metaphysics and language

Some surrealist activity in dreams

Some non-news of canal dwellers

A translation of Baudelaire’s Au Lecteur

At the Metal Creamery

A Study in Classroom Violence

PatPro – Space Energy

Ladyboy Portents

Here Comes The Cactus

The Bug Conspiracy

My Haunting

Thunder Part 1 – The Origins of Thunder

Thunder Part 2 – The Necrosis of Thunder


Start with Simple Pleasures

Old Mall

Report from the Jolly Mortuary

Amorous Report from the Floodzone

Infantilism Night

Group Portraits, Samhain 2018

A Vernissage Avoided

Found Objects

Valentine Manifestation

Portraiture as Cabinet or Diorama

Maldoror’s Cup

Their great city

Shadowman and Shadowchild

The Love of a Rat

Good Sport, 1858

The Half-Blind Pacemaker

Long-Distance Self-Portraits

Where Lurks The Chimera!

Collective Publications and Contributions

The Object Beautician

Old Mall

/kɪˈmɪərə/ (issues 1-4)

Idol Worship (Peculiar Mormyrid 8)

Mining for Depths (Peculiar Mormyrid 8, with Joël Gayraud)

The Cryptid Agricultural Commune and Experimental Farm (Peculiar Mormyrid 7 with Vittoria Lion)

The Miniaturist Seance (Peculiar Mormurid 7)

The Microscope Game (Peculiar Mormyrid 7)

Treetrumpetring (Peculiar Mormyrid 6)

Masque of the Generals (Peculiar Mormyrid 5)

Bon Voyage (Peculiar Mormyrid 5)

The Prescription Game (Peculiar Mormyrid 5)

Dazet (Buenos Aires)

La Grieta (Cadiz)

Dreamdew (Cadiz/San Francisco)

*In addition to the collective contributions represented here, individual contributions of Ottawa group members have appeared variously in Peculiar Mormyrid and many other surrealist publications

Contributions to Exhibitions

The Polymorph Bodyshop (Atlanta, 2019)

Transfeminine Revolution (Ottawa, 2019)

Le dessin surréaliste en 2019 (St Ouen and Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, 2019)

Little shop of magic 2 (Stoke-on-Trent, 2018)

Le collage surréaliste en 2018 (St Ouen and Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, 2018)

The Archaeology of Hope (Isle of Wight, 2017)


TerseFest 2020

International Festival of Arthurs

Fascinating Communciation


Tourists in the Holey Land

Here, it rains gravity

Solstice parings