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Long time no see

Decadian Full-Moon Game

Cave painting

Res gestae

A Rosicrucian Political Cartoon

What’s on the other side of the forest?

Pertinent Questions

Selected Characters

What is a Family?

Decomposing with Dignity

Utopian Extremophilia

A Rune Reading

A Nondescript Stocking

Mr. Fiddlesticks Florence

Could you dispel my theological doubts? (Blueballing)

Secret Neighbourhoods

Recent Patents

The Bold Oyster Game

First, tea


Anaerobic Poems – M Forshage

The Painter

On time-travel, metaphysics and language

A Disinvitation

Some surrealist activity in dreams

Some non-news of canal dwellers

A translation of Baudelaire’s Au Lecteur

At the Metal Creamery

A Study in Classroom Violence

Theory on a Spectrum of Voice Hearing

PatPro – Space Energy

No More Fattening Frogs for Snakes

Let’s All Drink Blood Together

Notes Towards an Endemic Critique

What Are You Doing Here?

A Surrealist Epistemological Psychosis

Ladyboy Portents

Here Comes The Cactus

The Bug Conspiracy

My Haunting

Thunder Part 1 – The Origins of Thunder

Thunder Part 2 – The Necrosis of Thunder


Old Mall

Report from the Jolly Mortuary

Amorous Report from the Floodzone

Transfeminine Revolution

Infantilism Night

Group Portraits, Samhain 2018

A Vernissage Avoided

Found Objects

Valentine Manifestation

Portraiture as Cabinet or Diorama

Maldoror’s Cup

Their great city

Shadowman and Shadowchild

The Love of a Rat

Good Sport, 1858

The Half-Blind Pacemaker

Long-Distance Self-Portraits

Where Lurks The Chimera!


TerseFest 2020

International Festival of Arthurs

Fascinating Communciation


Solstice parings