Ottawa Surrealist Group members and friends:

Lake – Ladyboy Philosopher

Crown of Blonde Hair

Mind Ape


International Surrealist Groups and Individuals in No Particular Order

Peculiar Mormyrid

House of Mysticum (Atlanta)

Fresh Dirt (Alabama, Virginia)

Stockholm Surrealist Group 

Icecrawler/Heelwalker (Theory – Stockholm Surrealist Group)

International Surrealist Group Activities

Gorgon in Furs


Madrid Surrealist Group

Leeds Surrealist Group

Athens Surrealist Group

Chicago Surrealist Group

Analogon / Surrealist Group of Czechia / Prague

Surrealismo Internacional

Surrealist NYC

Much more exhaustive link-list from Stockholm, including pages for individual surrealists:

Desmatorium surrealistorum