Old Mall

As old as tomorrow… With untold floors of FRESH exciting MERCHANDISE, exquisite fixturing, a large, easy-to-use PARKADE OF THE DAMNED and a fine staff of ATTENTIVE SALES ENTITIES… It’s OLD MALL! This volume presents the results of parallel surrealist expeditions to “old malls” in two North American cities. Undertaken in early 2020, these “gothic” experiences foreshadowed the closure of commercial zones throughout the world by a matter of weeks. Specials include:

The Mysterious and Somnolent “ZOPI”
The Skeleton in the Green Hat
The Ghost Hunters in the Bathroom
The Death Shroud Puppet Play
“Good Stuff”
The Street of the Unisex Image

And much more! Save or be saved at OLD MALL

PRINT VERSION: https://www.lulu.com/en/ca/shop/atlanta-ottawa-surrealist-groups/old-mall/paperback/product-1wkqkpw7.html

FREE DIGITAL PDF: https://tinyurl.com/u3x3j34

TerseFest 2020

In response to the distasteful advertising of certain overly loquacious events, the silent menace society of Ottawa have committed to putting on a new festival for the promotion of the retentive arts.

This year, TerseFest will be hosting some of the world’s greatest withholders, including:

  • Samuel Shh, Lost Word Wonder
  • Esther Pshaw who Never Learned Language
  • The Brow
  • Oooooooooo the Unsignified
  • Ernie Lacks and his Talking Tacks
  • Crayola the Amnesia Artist delivering her latest Unimonolog
  • The Order of Oats, who swore an oath involving oats
  • And with musical accompaniment kept very down to business by Give an Inch and the Hisses.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Ottawa at its most inexpressive. Come be seen and not heard. 

The Object Beautician

We are pleased to announce that we have just hatched a a new little book of surrealist games, inquiries and other oddities with Peculiar Mormyrid Press

You can order the print version here: https://www.lulu.com/en/ca/shop/ottawa-surrealist-group/the-object-beautician-and-other-terrors/paperback/product-1gqddgjg.html

And here is a free PDF version:

Many thanks to Steven Cline at Peculiar Mormyrid Press for helping us get this in shape.