Old Mall

As old as tomorrow… With untold floors of FRESH exciting MERCHANDISE, exquisite fixturing, a large, easy-to-use PARKADE OF THE DAMNED and a fine staff of ATTENTIVE SALES ENTITIES… It’s OLD MALL! This volume presents the results of parallel surrealist expeditions to “old malls” in two North American cities. Undertaken in early 2020, these “gothic” experiences foreshadowed the closure of commercial zones throughout the world by a matter of weeks. Specials include:

The Mysterious and Somnolent “ZOPI”
The Skeleton in the Green Hat
The Ghost Hunters in the Bathroom
The Death Shroud Puppet Play
“Good Stuff”
The Street of the Unisex Image

And much more! Save or be saved at OLD MALL

PRINT VERSION: https://www.lulu.com/en/ca/shop/atlanta-ottawa-surrealist-groups/old-mall/paperback/product-1wkqkpw7.html

FREE DIGITAL PDF: https://tinyurl.com/u3x3j34

3 thoughts on “Old Mall

    1. Thank you for that enthusiastic review! Very happy it triggered some brainquakes. “Condopunk” was an original coinage as far as I can tell but maybe it’s only a matter of time before everything gets that suffix…


      1. “-punk” meaning . . . what? I guess a cartoon of itself. That does seem to be the direction of things.

        Nice to interact with you. Been enjoying the blog for a while, and The Object Beautician.


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