Pertinent Questions

Questions breed questions…

What do you want your tombstone to look like?

What do you fear from the reaper?

Does a very long sickle resemble a rope?

Isn’t a noose a legitimate farm-tool in today’s farms?

Isn’t suicide a kind of organic produce?

What dangles in the produce aisle?

What do we identify as the lintels in a grocery structure?

What is the foundation of hunter-gatherer folksong?

Does physics and its laws harmonize in the cherry-picked mind?

Is there physical determinism present in the structure of a dirty, guilty, sexual fantasy?

Are there forms of fantasy which relate only to root vegetables?

Can a fattened lip be boiled in a witches cauldron?

Is a yeti-lipped vagina a socio-sexual liability?
-JA, LL, SH, October 4 2018

The Catoblapas Roars


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